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Fairview Ventures is an innovation lab for commercialization within Fairview Health Services, a comprehensive, integrated health system in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. Startup companies, industry partners, and venture capitalists bring us their challenges of gaining integration and adoption of proven technologies and ideas. We partner with entrepreneurs to test, evolve, and advance innovation that transforms health care delivery.

Building on our past successes, we use our hospitals, clinics, specialty pharmacies, and health plan to give our partners valuable industry and customer insights. Our approach helps bring new ideas in health care to market faster, farther, and with a greater chance of success.

Fairview Ventures “Test Kitchen” Model

We connect our health care experts and the unique discovery capabilities of our team with entrepreneurs, industry partners, and investors working on new ideas in the health care space in a “Test Kitchen” environment. Because Fairview Ventures operates as a dedicated business unit within the health system, we have the ability to quickly draw on expertise from across our system and engage providers, patients, and payers alike.

We leverage our system and apply lean methodology to swiftly produce reliable insights as we test your product – uncovering who will pay for the product and why. Fairview Ventures exchanges time and talent, expertise, and relationships for equity. Together, we are committed to identifying the right conditions for commercial success with our partners.

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Fairview Ventures Leadership

Dave Fasching, CEO, Fairview Ventures. Dave has a passion for entrepreneurial innovation and improving the quality and reach of healthcare. He also serves as Chief Financial Officer and leads national business development for Fairview Pharmacy Services, LLC where he helped grow the Fairview owned business from startup to $1.2 billion in annual revenue. Dave previously served as Interim CEO of ExceleraRx, a national specialty pharmacy network with more than 20 health systems that was founded by Fairview and has experience as a private equity entrepreneur.

Fairview Ventures Management Board

James Hereford, Fairview, President and CEO

Sameer Badlani
Sameer Badlani, Fairview, Chief Information Officer

Hayes Batson
Hayes Batson, Fairview, Chief Financial Officer

Bob Beacher
Bob Beacher, Fairview, President, Fairview Pharmacy Services and Chief of Shared Clinical Services

Dave Fasching, Fairview, CEO Fairview Ventures

Robbie Greenglass, Waterline Ventures, Partner

Srijoy Mahapatra
Srijoy Mahapatra, Fairview, Chief Strategy Officer; Assistant Dean of Clinical Innovation

Genevieve Melton-Meaux
Genevieve Melton-Meaux, Fairview, Chief Analytics and Care Innovation Officer

Kathleen Motzenbecker, Medical Alley Association, Senior Vice President

Mark Welton
Mark Welton, Fairview, Chief Medical Officer