Trauma Services

This website offers Trauma information and guidelines. A trauma physician is always available for consultation as needed.
To Transfer a Patient to the University of Minnesota Health:  call 612 672 7575
To Transfer a Patient to Fairview Southdale: call 612 672 7575

System Guidelines

Adult Patient Care Guidelines  - Fairview System

Anticoagulation & Pharmacy Resources

Warfarin Reversal

Blunt Imaging, Adult

Chest/Cardiac Injury, (adult and Peds) evaluation of 

Rib fractures, Treatment Guideline

Blunt Abd Trauma, evaluation of, adult

Adult C-spine Clearance

Adult Thoracic and Lumbar Clearance

Liver and Spleen Injury Guideline

Renal Injury Guideline

Splenic Vaccine Guideline

Evaluation of Falls Guideline