Frequently Asked Questions

What are Specialty Medications?

Specialty drugs are used to treat serious or chronic medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, hemophilia, hepatitis and rheumatoid arthritis. They’re typically injectable and can be self-administered by a patient or family member.

How do I get them?

Fairview Specialty Pharmacy will deliver specialty medications at the time and place you need them – including your home, work or other convenient location.

How often will the pharmacy call me?

To make sure you never run out of your medications, Fairview Specialty Pharmacy staff will call you 5 to 7 days before your prescription refill is due.

How do I access my medications if there is a delay, I have an emergency situation, or a disaster occurs?

If there is ever a question about your order, or what to do about your care in any situation, please contact the pharmacy and we will assist you. We will work with you and your care team to develop a plan to ensure you have access to your medications.

How do I find out about the status of my order, including delays?

If there is ever a question about your order, or what to do about your care in any situation, please contact the pharmacy and we will assist you. If we know a delay with your order will occur, we will contact you to discuss the delay and make new arrangements if necessary.

Compostable Starch-Based Cooler Panels

Fairview Pharmacy Services has partnered with StarchTech for the non-toxic biodegradable cooler panels we use with most shipments of medications that require temperature control. These cooler panels are made with renewable resources, provide insulation equivalent to traditional polystyrene coolers, and are manufactured in the United States.

If you receive a shipment with the biodegradable cooler panels, you can dispose of them by composting them in a backyard compost bin or through a drop-off composting program or curbside collection program, if available. Find your local composter.

About the panels

The cooler panels are made with Green Cell FoamTM, a renewable corn starch material that offers a sustainable solution for thermal shipping materials. Green Cell Foam meets the American Society for Testing and Materials’ standards for biodegradability (ASTM D6400-04 and D6868) and is BPI certified compostable, which ensures it will fully and safely break down in commercial composting facilities.

By using these starch-based cooler panels, Fairview is able to prevent more than 100,000 polystyrene coolers per year from entering our communities’ waste stream.

A partnership with our community

To assemble these coolers, we partnered with Merrick Inc., a local non-profit that employs adults with developmental disabilities. Crews consisting of clients and job coaches assemble the boxes and insert the starch panels before shipment.

Learn more about the starch-based material that our biodegradable cooler panels are made from.

Learn more about environmental sustainability at Fairview.

Polystyrene Cooler Recycling and Reuse Options

Fairview Specialty Pharmacy ships some specialty drugs in polystyrene coolers. We provide the following options for recycling or reusing the coolers.


Customers can recycle the polystyrene shipping coolers by bringing them to a designated “drop off” location or mailing them to a designated “mail-back” location. All locations are shown at the EPS Industry Alliance’s Recycle your EPS web page.


Another option is to keep the coolers and reuse them for another purpose. Here are some creative ways to reuse the coolers:

  • Going on a road trip? Reuse the cooler to keep your beverages and snacks cold. Ask your neighbors if they need one too!
  • Need to send something? Break down the cooler into small pieces to use as packaging material– it acts just like packing peanuts! Or, ask the nearest shipping center if they can reuse the material for packaging.
  • Bring it to your local craft store: Styrofoam can be used for a variety of projects.
  • Ask your local bait shop it they want these coolers to send their bait home to their customers.