Oral Chemotherapy

Fairview Specialty Pharmacy’s Oral Chemotherapy Program is designed to help you safely and successfully take your oral medications for cancer.

Our therapy management program provides regular telephone calls from nurses and pharmacists who have special training in cancer treatment. During these calls, we provide common sense ways to stay on schedule with your medications and to manage and reduce side effects. For your convenience, we can also set up the delivery of your medications during this call.

Pharmacists and Nurses

Our pharmacists and nurses are committed to helping patients take oral chemotherapy medications correctly to achieve the best outcomes and prevent potential medication problems. They are available at any time to answer your medication questions.

Monitoring of Medication Supply

We will monitor your oral chemotherapy medication supply so you don’t have to worry about running out. We will call every month, about a week before you will need your medications, to find out what you need to re-order and assist you with any questions or concerns. Your medicines are always in stock and will be shipped to arrive where and when you need them.

Insurance Billing

Our Patient Financial Advocates will handle and submit your insurance paperwork for you. Billing oral chemotherapy medications can be complicated, but our expertise helps you get the most benefit from your insurance and health care dollar.

Free Shipment

We ship your oral chemotherapy medications at no extra charge to the address of your choice, whether it be your home, place of employment, or travel destination.

Affiliation with University of Minnesota

As part of Fairview Health Services, a nonprofit healthcare system including University of Minnesota Health and the Masonic Cancer Clinic, we have expertise in virtually all forms of cancer treatment.

Medications and Other Oncology Resources for You

Organizations Education

See comprehensive information at the Oral Chemotherapy Education website.