Comprehensive Weight Management

For lasting weight loss success

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Losing weight – and maintaining that weight loss over the long term – is hard. If you’ve struggled to lose extra weight on your own and want lasting results, we can help. Our Comprehensive Weight Management program offers the evidence-based weight loss strategies — both surgical and nonsurgical — and support you need to lose the weight and keep it off. 

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We offer a comprehensive program that pairs evidence-based medicine with an understanding of your individual goals and lifestyle to create a personalized care plan that works for you. Your dedicated care team includes a provider, dietician, and a health coach, with referrals available to other care specialists as needed. 

You’ll benefit from our groundbreaking innovations, minimally invasive technologies, and the latest research. With convenient locations across the Twin Cities metropolitan area, you can achieve and sustain your weight loss goals. 

Weight management options

 Because many factors come together to lead to weight gain, our weight management programs take a multipronged approach to help you lose weight safely and maintain your goal weight for life. We combine medical, emotional, and diet and activity-related components to create a sustainable solution.

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