Transitional Care Network

Your bridge from hospital to home

The Transitional Care Network (TCN) provides on-site primary care to patients as they transition from the hospital to home or an alternative-care setting.

Our network of transitional care units is located within long-term care centers and assisted living communities. This network was created to give patients access to a Fairview care team after being hospitalized at a Fairview hospital. 

Why Use Fairview TCN?

The TCN offers a supportive environment for people who no longer require all the resources of a hospital but are still unable to return home.

The healing environment at our TCN locations helps ease the transition back to home or an alternative-care setting.

Our care team works with you, your family and the rehabilitation staff to develop personal treatment goals. How long you stay depends on how long it takes you to meet these goals.

Once you are ready to leave transitional care, your care team will communicate with your primary doctor about what went on during your stay, including an update on any medication changes. If additional services are needed, a social worker will arrange for them.


On-site primary care is available at the following locations:


Martin Luther Care Center


Ebenezer Ridges Care Center


Aurora on France


Ebenezer Care Center

UMMC-Fairivew Transitional Services

St. Paul

Cerenity Humboldt

Cerenity Marian 

Cerenity White Bear Lake


Meadows on Fairview