Economic Impact Report

Our economic impact on the State of Minnesota

Fairview serves the people of Minnesota, cares for our patients, and invests in the people and partnerships that make us stronger, together. As an anchor institution and one of Minnesota’s largest employers, we are committed to our communities and proud to be strong contributors to our local economy.

Our employees and our suppliers are putting dollars back into the economy

When Fairview provides jobs and purchases goods and services, it creates an economic impact that extends beyond our own operations to our local and state businesses and governments. That impact grows as we hire more people and purchase more goods and services from local businesses.

Our economic impact report highlights our commitments and contributions to our state and local economies in 2020. For every $1 in Fairview services provided, there is $2.13 worth of value supported in the Minnesota economy. View the full report.

2020 Economic Impacts

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For additional information about the economic report, contact:
Joan Pennington, Senior Director, Community Impact Initiatives, 651-232-4937