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Fairview Purchasing Network (FPN), a division of Fairview Health Services, is a Premier-sponsored group purchasing organization (GPO) affiliate program. We offer supply savings and consulting services that enhance our members' purchasing power. Our affiliates include over 20 acute care hospitals, seven alternate care sites and 13 retail pharmacies in the upper Midwest.

Solutions- proven tools to identify additional savings
Savings- aggressive Premier buying tier
Service- local, personalized services and dedicated staff

Fairview Purchasing Network allows our affiliate members to aggregate their purchasing volumes with Fairview Health Services, reducing purchasing costs. Together we have between $400M and $3.5B in purchasing power, offering our affiliates the advantages to improve operating margin and maintain independence. In most cases, FPN is able to buy at rates 5% - 15% below the price of the competition.

Is Fairview Purchasing Network right for my organization?

We will conduct a free market basket analysis of your organization’s savings potential within the Fairview Purchasing Network. There is no membership fee to join. We can even manage the conversion for you with minimal disruption.

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Program Manager

Fairview Purchasing Network



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Contract Specialist Associate



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Contract Specialist



By leveraging Fairview’s size and expertise, our affiliates take advantage of Fairview's long history of affiliate services in the upper Midwest. Our health care system includes 7 hospitals/medical centers, over 22,000 employees, 40 primary care clinics, 55 specialty clinics and 35 retail pharmacies. Additionally, we have dedicated employed teams of medical/surgical and pharmacy contract and clinical integration project managers who are dedicated to Fairview Purchasing Network members.

Fairview Purchasing Network also offers pharmacy consulting services that increase your buying power and help expedite your decision-making process, including drug rebate management, and Remote 24-hour pharmacy services.