Understanding Your Bill

Your first bill will list charges, payments made by insurance (if any) and payments made by you. It will also list the amount you owe.

If you need billing information or a copy of your bill, call the billing office at 612-672-6724.

You may also pay your bill online.

1) This portion is the tear off coupon that is sent with your payment. It lists your account number, the due date (if previously billed, this will state upon receipt) and the total due.
Fairview Invoice Header

2) This is the body of the statement which includes account number, the name on the account (guarantor), the date of the statement and the due date. This section lists dates of service, charges, payments and adjustments, and patient balance for each service. This detail is sent on the first bill.

This section will also list any important messages and a summary of your statement.

Fairview Invoice Body

3) The back of the bill contains information on billing and financial assistance, address changes, insurance updates and credit card payment information.

Fairview Invoice Rear View