Pharmacy Assistance Fund

Fund provides one-time prescription assistance

The Fairview Pharmacy Assistance Fund provides one-time prescription assistance to patients experiencing financial hardship. Eligible patients typically have no prescription drug benefits or have exhausted their coverage.

They also must not be eligible for, or have access to, alternative sources of coverage or funding (such as Medicaid, MinnesotaCare, Medicare). All applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Eligibility Criteria

1. You have no insurance coverage or benefits for prescription medicines or your coverage has been exhausted.

2. Your total gross annual household income is at or below two times the Federal Poverty Level (see chart below).

3. You have not previously utilized the Fairview Pharmacy Emergency Fund during the calendar year.

4. Your request does not exceed $500.00.

Income guidelines by family size
Family size Annual gross income (2015)
1 $29,425
2 $39,825
3 $50,225
4 $60,625
5 $71,025
6 $81,425
7 $91,825
8 $102,225

Family size is the total number of persons in household including yourself and those for whom you are financially responsible.

Annual Gross Income includes income from all earners in the household before taxes and deductions.

How to apply

Please complete the Fairview Pharmacy Assistance Fund Worksheet. Submit worksheet, with proof of income, to:

Terri Kiggins

Fairview Pharmacy Services

Phone: 612-672-5667

Fax: 612-672-5201

Fairview also has community care programs in place for people who need help paying hospital and clinic bills.